Case Study



Learning, unfolding and evolving with mind, heart and hand


Starting position

  • Production vehicle-construction, new takeover by purchase
  • Employees are shaped by a direct management style
  • Top-down planning with increases in the single-digit percentage range
  • Global competition creates innovation-  and cost pressure



  • complete reorganization in the field of service.
  • Combining top-down with bottom-up strategy and planning, to strengthen identification and commitment.
  • double-digit turnover and profit growth.
  • developing solid employees into a highly motivated co-entrepreneurs



  • leadership experience X10, as a common base of attitude  and awareness
  • building on attitudes -> behavior – > results and experiences
  • Implementation-  and practice workshops, with interactive methods and application-oriented models.
  • Integral-holistic cre-a(c)tions with the XNavigation on the levels of
  • personality, leadership,
  • teams, culture, communication
  • co-innovation: management, processes, structure
  • individual-innovation: self-management and development



  • Personal development and self-responsible co-entrepreneurship
  • team development and integration of all co-entrepreneurs.
  • courageous double-digit sales increase
  • commitment and motivation for implementation MG

Benefit now ...

Xperience creates Xcellence - LeadingX

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