Case Study



Selling expensive products and exclusive services with enthusiasm
Offering 5 star service and achieving goals


Starting position

  •  Luxury 5 star hotels
  • Many new employees, some from various countries, with different ‘mother-tongues’ and cultural background
  • Expensive ‘labels’ and services are neither offered nor sold sufficiently
  • Lacking ‘know-how’ in dealing with customers, who consider ‘Luxury’ as standard
  • Turnover pressure



  • Integrating new employees, team-building
  • Dealing with customers on ‘high-class, luxury-level’
  • Active selling of luxury products and services
  • Generating  higher and more profitable turnovers



  • 5 star service – 3-days training
  • People and their different needs
  • Better cooperating, together
  • Clarify matters – dissolve prejudices about the luxury level
  • Learning to express yourself eloquently and improve your conversations skill
  • Dealing with objections or misunderstandings
  • Bringing about specific sales-results



  • Selling expensive products and services with enthusiasm
  • Flexibility in dealing with customers ‘wishes’
  • Turnover-targets can now be achieved with a plan
  • Being able to offer real 5 star service



“Before the training, I had doubts about a seminar lasting for several days, especially on the subject sales!  But after the first hour, I already knew:  all I want to do after this training is – to sell!”

“I never expected that sales could be so exiting and fulfilling!”

“Despite the different origins and cultures of employees, we’re now working as a real team. I’ve learned to readjust and realign my values and for that I’m very grateful.”


Benefit now ...

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