Case Study



Selling-negotiating-arranging-earning, playfully and with joy


Starting position: sales

  • successful on the market and in sales, strong growth, leading provider in the field of medical technology and health care
  • many internal and external changes/ innovations“
  • yesterdays competences are sometimes today’s or tomorrow’s in-competencies
  • consulting-orientated project acquisition of complex products



  • getting ready, for present and future challenges
  • from co-employee to co-entrepreneur
  • open-minded for new and further development-stages.  Demand and encourage Sales.
  • successfully dealing with changes and innovations – internally and externally
  • all included package of consulting-orientated  sales
  • complete process of sales
  • develop stable customer-relationships with all contacts
  • optimise system sales
  • expand knowledge-management for successful selling
  • Results: reach and exceed sales targets
  • Experience: cross-departmental team strengthening and optimising internal culture



  • 3-days-workshop
  • becoming aware of one’s own attitudes, thought- and behavioural patterns
  • re-thinking the obvious and the routines
  • being open and tolerant towards something new and different, self-initiative, self-responsibility
  • showing conscious/unconscious competences and in-competencies (not yet realised reserves)
  • recognising one’s own possibilities, beyond the previous limits
  • accepting challenges and growing from them
  • XNav. and ‘Sales-navigation’: based on the right attitude, the complete sales-process becomes clear and is developed in individual phases
  • at this, the ‘Sales-navigation’ combines practice-orientated,  the findings of current mind-research, with the high art of selling and negotiating
  • initiating a strong follow-on process and transforming the experience into practice



  • Through creative and initiative selling, sales-employees become engaged, effort-orientated co-entrepreneurs, contributing substantially to the company’s-success…
  • …while at the same time bring in their full potential with supreme ease and inner balance
  • endless justifications and blaming others, and the connected loss of time are eliminated
  • Ways to self-motivation, self-organisation and self-control are found
  • ‘Sales-navigation’ leads reliably and confidently towards the sales-target
  • from tedious and competitively priced product-sales to strategic solution-orientated system-sales
  • Strengths are visible, exchanged within the team, expanded and used even more specifically
  • Awareness of reserves is transformed into performance-ability
  • The relationship to the customer isn’t manipulatively ‘managed’ but lived in partnership with leadership, thus creating cooperation, customer loyalty and growth
  • Turnover increase, expansion of market shares and added value.



  • The so called  untrainable issues ‘attitude and awareness’ are conveyed in a practice-orientated and most profound way.
  • Building on this, the methods and techniques in sales can be effectively trained and expanded.
  • Therefore,  a sustainable development process gets started. Through this, the entire sales-process is systematically integrated … And it works!

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