Case Study



Proactive action and problem solving in an environment of many changes


Starting position

  • international group of companies, with an independent branch in Austria
  • many internal changes, new managing director
  • new organisational chart
  • new employees, new positions, new executives
  • challenging trade environment
  • formation of a new team under new leadership



  • shaping the future
  • optimising teamwork
  • Generating a sense of team-spirit, that supports proactive problem solving, as well as encourages initiative actions
  • Offering impulses to realize planned results and experiences.



  • Individual interviews — > re-briefing and developing a detailed concept
  • Team- workshop for 2 days –>activating targeted working of a team and the process towards that
  • Team and managerial seminars of the Xacademy in open dates
  • advanced workshops for managers and employees.



  • integral approach from the levels of
    • Leadership
    • cooperation and communication
    • individual innovation and handling of change
    • collective innovation, structure and ways of process
  • The approach, focused on attitude, encourages rethinking complacency, sets sustainable impulses and prompts the participants to act. Practising extraordinary exercises and experiments, help to become aware of attitude and demeanor, let the participants  experience alternative approaches, by offering concrete steps towards implementation.
  • The variety and mixture of methods encourages the participants, to get involved with the team, include themselves, reflect on their own behavioural patterns, instead of clinging to past set roles, or behavioural attitudes.
  • The individual experience of the content allows each participant to acquire the knowledge that’s individually relevant. The direct application of what has been learned ensures an above-average conveyance into practice.
  • Dialogue among the team, present team spirit, right now, impulsive lectures, generating competence and settings of innovative communication.



  • build-up of the team and team-spirit
  • proactive actions and problem solving
  • optimised self-management and leadership of employees.



“To be honest, I arrived at this workshop with mixed feelings, however the great atmosphere during the workshop and the specific realizations it offered, prepared us for current as well as future challenges.”

‘I expected a lot – but my expectations were not only met but exceeded by far.”

“That’s how all seminars should be:  relate-able to practice, effective, energetic, humorous and above all easy to put into practice.

“W’re already looking forward to put what we’ve learned into practice, and to see you again for another workshop.” MG

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