Case Study



Stages towards the success of sales –  with sales-navigation, reaching goals, safely and confidently


Starting position

  • A successful and established company with high growth rates in recent years.
  • The market is changing from the seller’s market to the buyer’s market.
  • This creates completely new requirements for the distribution and for the salesperson.
  • Competitors suffer large drops in sales and sometimes disappear entirely from the market.



  • Ensuring sustainable company growth, even in difficult market-conditions
  • Overcoming previous limits – both in terms of personal development and in the area of ​​turnover and profit growth.
  • daraus eine lernende Verkaufs-Organisation entwickeln
  • Developing a learning sales-organization from this.



  • Four modules, – spread over two years – , with specific exercises between the modules, ensuring sustainable practice-transfer.
  • The sales-navigation as an integral diagnosis- and development tool is implemented.
  • Building on the right attitude, the complete sales-process is clearly worked out in the individual stages.
  • In doing so, the sales navigation combines practice-oriented knowledge of current mental research, with the high art of selling and negotiation.
  • Cross-hierarchical, both sales-management and Board of Directors are integrated.



  • Everyone; from the salesperson,  sales-management, the the managing directors,  speak ‘one and the same language’.
  • Based on this, ongoing learning processes are requested and encouraged.
  • Double-digit-sales-increase in a shrinking market – the competitors are experiencing high turnover-losses.



“I am currently experiencing a completely new sense of selling.  It is fun and I confidently navigate towards my turnover and revenue targets.”
“Now I’ve experienced what authentic and partnership-based selling means – not fighting, nor creating pressure, but playfully leading the customer.”                                          “Through experience in the course of the seminar, its content is  lasting and firmly anchored.” MG

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