Case Study


Dynamic turnover and profit growth through strategically selling with ‘Sales-navigation’


Starting position

  • market shares are partly lost or stagnate
  • Competitor tries to copy sales system
  • “Old ways of selling,” increasingly don’t work any longer.


Goal: successful selling

  • Dynamic turnover and profit growth
  • Empowering the sales team to become a ‘task force’
  • Strategic selling for added turnover and profit growth



  • Building on the right attitude, the entire sales process is developed in a clear and constructive way.
  • With practice-orientated ‘Sales-navigation’, the findings from current mind research get connected with the high art of selling and negotiating.
  • Result of the development process: successful selling
  • The ‘Sales-Nav.’ navigates reliably and confidently towards the sales target
  • Strengths are visible, build upon and used and exchanged even more specifically.
  • Conscious reserves are transformed into performance.
  • Stable customer- relation-leadership and lasting partnerships
  • Turnover expansion, increase of market shares and added value



  • Integral development tool
  • The topics of attitude and awareness, considered to be untrainable, are imparted in a practice-orientated and profound way.
  • Building on that, the methods and techniques in sales can be effectively trained and expanded, A lasting development process is set in motion.
  • Thereby the complete sales flow gets systematically integrated… and it works!


Participants reviews

“Enthusiastic and lively – please, more of that”                                                                                                  “Every sales person should experience the seminar ‘Sales Navigation.’                                                        “That was by far the best seminar I’ve been to – many thanks!”
“Great atmosphere, lots of humour and tons of practice.”
“With less effort, clearly more sales with ‘Sales Navigation!”
“I’m already looking forward to the next seminar.”

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