Case Study



Acting together, innovativ and creatively


Starting position

  • Successful tourism association
  • challenging goals
  • demanding events



  • realising internal goals: overnight stays, occupancy, brand image, service quality
  • together experience joy and fun with it
  • process and interventions
  • Management-seminars for the top-executives
  • Team building workshop: act creatively and innovativ together
  • Follow-up



  • coping with challenging and practice-oriented tasks as a team, and experiencing and reflecting on innovation, as an individual and as a team.
  • The creative act when facing challenges, opportunities and changes.
  • Nordic talking (?)
  • The mix of methods enables the participants not to stick to their previous role-patterns and behaviour, but to get involved within the team and to reflect on their own attitudes and behaviour.
  • The individual experience of the content, allows the individual to acquire relevant knowledge for him/herself.
  • The direct application of what has been learned ensures an above-average transfer into practice.



  • team-spirit
  • enjoying to be of service
  • sustainable follow-up and self-learning process
  • new ideas are added
  • Acting creatively, when it comes to challenges and innovations.  MG

Benefit now ...

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