Case Study



Joy, fun and incentive, combined with learning and practical benefits.


Starting Position

  • Because everyone is used do it, the company excursion is a reoccurring ritual, without lasting benefits.
  • Greatly fluctuating, seasonal workload.
  • Basically a good team, but intense challenges lead to friction within it.
  • Lots of training on technical issues is done.
  • So far not much has been done, to develop internal and external communication and cooperation.


Goal: the innovative company excursion

  • Extraordinary company excursion
  • Motivation, employee-loyalty
  • Create the basis for further development processes
  • Team-experience, combine enjoyment and learning



  • 2-days-event with the entire company staff
  • Creating awareness and WOW effects, on the level of  me-us-it
  • Individual and team exercises, combined with wellness-training and enjoyment.



  • Motivation and energy
  • More internal ‘win-win, understanding and supporting each other
  • everyone realises, they can make important contributions to team-attitude and company results



“That is the difference between other companies and ours – thank you boss

“I never knew, I could make such an important contribution to our company’s success – in future I’ll do this more consciously.

“I’m already looking forward to the next company excursion – again having lots of fun, learning and positive experiences.” MG

Benefit now ...

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