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Move and inspire new and existing customers and by doing so, increase revenue and customer loyalty


Starting position: Trade fair and Trade fair training

  • Trade fair business is shaped by dynamic changes, digitalisation and global competition. It’s an increasing challenge to get customers to visit trade fairs, a real USP, to offer differentiation and useful experiences for the customer, while achieving the goals of the trade fair. Now: all information is available online at any  time, videos, pictures, statistics and reviews make purchasing easier and a visit to a trade fair unnecessary.
  • Because of that, sales people at trade fairs are faced with new situations: customers are well informed, can easily compare suppliers, and have higher expectation of customer service.
  • Many suppliers react to that with a ‘bigger, technically advanced, more expensive’ exhibition stand. Those trade fair  ‘cathedrals’ grow to the sky or use an enormous chunk of trade fair area. The cost/effect ratio is questionable and rarely achieves the desired goals. In order to cut costs, many trade fairs are happening less frequently.
  • Every trade fair customer knows of some overwhelmed, half heartily acting, badly motivated, stressed trade fair adviser and of their ‘scare-customers-away-program’. The opportunity, of a personal meeting and the emotional experience with a well motivated and competent trade fair team, is totally missed. Only there, it would be possible to work out an advantage, real differentiation and lasting distinction to the competition. Every (purchase-) decision is an emotional decision, confirmed with rational arguments. But how could a sales person ‘light a fire’ without having a ‘spark’ in him/herself?!

Starting position: trade fair training

  • leading manufacturer of medical/technical equipment with global distribution
  • global competition, cost pressure, fast moving  cycles of innovation
  • most important trade fair worldwide, meeting point for everyone in this industry that takes place every 2 years
  • heterogeneous trade team of varied experience, position, seniority and education
  • the team had plenty of standard training that hardly proved to be beneficial


Trade fair training – Goals

  • What is ‘state of the art’ on a trade fair ? How does it make the brand more prominent, and through that, increase revenue and profit?
  • Give maximum attention to customers >People have Priority<
  • Reach a great number of customers in a short time
  • Acquisition of New customers
  • Existing customer service and customer loyalty
  • sell new, as well as already existing products
  • place solution sales and put systems in focus
  • clear role and task distribution, sticking to the game plan
  • ensure the workflow at the trade fair, live responsibility and team spirit
  • quick and precise follow-up tasks of the trade fair


Process trade fair training /Seminar”LeadingX10Sellingxperience”for Key team-members

  • 2 group-training with all the trade fair team. Themes: Attitude, Methods and Technics.
  • Winning happens in your head! Realisation of mental qualities, learn and benefit.
  • Selling – Negotiating – Dealing – Earning: combining practice-orientated understanding of current research of the mind, with the art of communication and managing emotions.
  • Implementation of attitude-, team- and sale’s- insights of the trade fair- workflow, the product demonstration and the sale’s process.


Results Trade fair training

  • ‘Us’ – feeling of togetherness, trust and team experience
  • active, exciting selling in partnership
  • an excited customer, through an enthusiastic sales person
  • new customers and customer loyalty
  • growing revenue and profit



“Goal realisation, energy and motivation”
“The best trade fair we’ve ever experienced!”
“The most attractive stand at the trade fair, with the best team of the entire trade fair!”
“One video speaks louder than 1000 words!”
“An excited customer through an enthusiastic sales person.”  MG



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