Case Study



From product-sales to solution-sales and system provider


Starting Position

  • the company is leader in the poly-pole market
  • key-customers’ managers push to the limits of utilization, although the market-share is relatively small
  • the basis for further company growth is the potential utilization of these key-accounts.



  • make further use of customer potential with a strategic approach
  • vom Produktverkauf zum Lösungsverkauf und Systemanbieter
  • from product-sales to solution-sales and system-provider


Process and content

  • A two-day workshop together with the managing director
  • Pointing out conscious and unconscious capabilities and inefficiencies of not yet realized reserves.
  • making use of the X-Navigation system, with integrally applied creativity, to ‘make it work’.
  • Recognize opportunities and embark on creative new ways, in order to achieve set goals.
  • using the intentions of want, can and may in a targeted manner.
  • Self-motivating oneself with the MPM model of LeadingX – (the moving people model),  and leading the customer in a more targeted manner.
  • experience and expand on creativity and team-synergies
  • initiate the powerful follow-up process and transform what you have experienced into practice.



  • further opportunities are recognized and strategically realized
  • bisherige Grenzen – sowohl auf der Verhaltens- als auch Ergebnisebene – werden überschritten
  • previous limits – on the behavioral-  and the result-levels – are exceed.
  • from tedious and competitively priced product-sales to solution-orientated,  “value based selling” system sales
  • Customer loyalty, results and experiences



“Many practical examples and great tips.”
“stimulating and motivating”
“logically understandable, sensible and easy to implement.”
“Every sales-person should experience this workshop.”
“it really works!”
“For me as a supervisor, this workshop is the ideal basis to encourage to demand from and support  my employees to make use of their customer potential. So thank you very much!”MG


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