Case Study

VALUES – VISION – MISSION – that’s how it’s done


Together, create and experience,  the basics of motivating  cooperation


Starting position

A tax/accounting consultancy, established 40 years ago, with 4 managing directors and ca.40 employees, specialising on a specific occupational group. In the last few years the company has expanded and because of that, ‘drifted apart, a bit’.



Through collectively creating the basic values of cooperation, the vision and the mission for the company, we clarify the question:”why are we actually working?” With the slogan “from co-employee to co-entrepreneur,” team spirit, cross=departmental cooperation, engagement and enthusiasm get deepened and strengthened.



Holding two one-day workshops for all employees, to collectively create values of communication and cooperation, vision and mission.

Through experience-orientated interventions, like “cash is king”, basic aspects of ‘working together and cooperation’, are emotionally experienced.

Everyone – with no exceptions – works on the basics and the direction, the company is heading. With this special way to proceed, everyone’s input and contributions are equal, which leads to internalised results. (“my result”, “our result”)



The two days of the workshop create a new feeling of “us”, that instantaneously and noticeably translates to better results in the working environment.

Every participant realises, takes on board and identifies with, where the company is heading for, in the long term. The ‘departmental-silo’ thinking, dissolved in the 2 days of the workshop, through cross-departmental cooperation.



“Close shop for 2 days and put 40 employees and their bosses in a seminar to work out a ‘vision’ for the team?Is this possible? Is that a good idea? Is it going to pay off? With LeadingX and Uwe Poelzl – IT IS ! Everyone enjoys being at work a lot more, there is more appreciation in dealing with one another, and the team pulls in one direction! Everybody benefits from these positive effects, especially our clients!” UP

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