Case Study



Awareness of the task and the vocation to be a salesperson/
The joy of active selling, team spirit


Starting position

  • international corporation with a branch in Austria
  • high turnover growth in recent year
  • stagnating economic environment
  • challenging goals



  • making aware of ‘the real job as a salesperson”
  • laying the basic attitude for pro-active selling
  • to recognise and use opportunities
  • building partnerships with customers
  • setting an anchor for sustainable sales-focus



  • a planning and design workshop with sales managers
  • large group-event with all salespeople and managers
  • integration and building on previous training
  • independently create training videos about concrete, successful sales



  • the attitude-oriented LeadingX-approach encourages rethinking the obvious as well as routine, sets lasting impulses and brings the participants to action.
  • Extraordinary exercises and experiments bring awareness to attitudes and behaviour,  allow to experience alternatives and show concrete steps towards implementation.
  • experiencing the concept of thought and action, as someone who manifests opportunities
  • working towards anchoring sustainable practice-transfer
  • together agreeing on concrete implementation-steps and control measures
  • emotionally experiencing  the ‘lucky win’ and drawing lasting energy from it.



  • Awareness of my job and vocation as a salesperson
  • proud to be a salesperson and not ‘a seller or haggler’
  • joy of active selling
  • team-spirit
  • exchange successes and learning experiences, and  innovatively find new approaches towards the customer



“This is how learning turns into fun.”

“Instead of thinking of problems or being part of the ‘club of victims’ – I am now a salesperson, who  makes opportunities happen.”

I’m not being part of the problem, but part of the solution.”

“Together with our superiors, we now speak the ‘same language’, and we all pull together, in the same direction.” MG

Benefit now ...

Xperience creates Xcellence - LeadingX

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