Case Study



Attitude and awareness for positive, healthy behavioural and thought pattern



Starting position, health and goals

More exercise, stop smoking, loose a few pounds, a healthier diet, stay calm and be constructive in challenging stress and pressure situations, have that long postponed check-up……


Process and Content

  • In total its a 3 part seminar (2+2+1 days) over 9 weeks
  • How does behaviour arise? From gigantic knowledge without competent implementation to skillful user.
  • The basic principles of human actions.
  • Body exercises like Tai-Chi, 5 Tibetans, Qi Gong, Meditations
  • Exercises between the seminar dates to further realisations and integrate health promoting behaviour into everyday life.



Every participant establishes, what’s most beneficial for him/her to advance well being and health. The existing but hidden knowledge is finally made use of. The participants realise, it’s impossible to establish extensive lasting health, without behaving responsibly. We try and experience new approaches and ways of behaviour.



  • “I’m much more aware of the varied content of the seminar, which makes me feel a lot healthier and productive.”
  • “This seminar was much better than I had expected. I would recommend this seminar especially to more experienced colleagues, to gain insight to where they are in their professional life.
  • “It’s been a great help, to get me exercising again.
  • “I’m convinced this seminar changed my life.
  • “As well as mentally, this seminar provided enough physical advise, to realise that exercise clears your head and is a beneficial factor for any ‘desk-job’.”
  • “Thank you for a great, inspiring seminar.”

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