Team-coaching - Total commitment of all team members


TEAM – Total commitment instead of - great somebody else is doing it.

"The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation." (Bertrand Russel)


The more complex and faster the world becomes, the more important cooperation is - the 'co-spirit'. The phenomenon summarised under the term  VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) requires processes and solutions to be more flexible and linked up. Especially when the pressure increases, when there are constant changes, it is important that everyone pulls in the same direction! The use of digital tools, Apps and arrangements isn't enough for that!


 Examples and topics for your team-coaching or team-building

  • Promoting and demanding co-spirit and team-thinking, improving the team-atmosphere
  • Discovering common tasks, meanings, missions and orientation and bringing them to life
  • Recognise, coordinate and make use of resources and potentials
  • Becoming aware and optimising team-culture
  • Clarify formal and informal organisational-charts, coordinate tasks and roles
  • Involving those concerned, making aware of challenges and opportunities, achieving inspiration
  • Setting common goals, expanding team-limits
  • Developing alternative solutions, making decisions and configurating  implementation
  • Starting implementation, ensuring consequent 'staying with it'
  • Introducing added value and effective feedback-culture
  • Experience productive dealing with conflicts and transform them into practice



 Your gain from team-coaching or team-building

  • Cooperation, synergy and seam-interfaces instead of departmentalised-thinking and cut-interfaces: common cross-departmental performance, benefiting the customer and the company.
  • Talking to one-another instead of talking bad about each-other: appreciated feedback, dialog, the result is clarity and innovation
  • Energetic-actions instead of conflicts: The deliberate cooperation- and relations-management promotes performance- and learning-ability, within the team
  • Motivation and a pleasant work-atmosphere instead of 'duty by the book' and lone fighters: You experience what is necessary, so everyone is  motivated and participates with their talents and contributions
  • Efficiency instead of time- and energy-wasting: You're saving time and energy with daily cooperation, because your relations are shaped with openness, clarity and trust.
  • Self-control: Teams adjust flexibly and agile to changing challenges, and realise goals

With X-igital accompanying and inspiring your team

X-digital uses and combines technologies with your team-coaching, to initiate cooperation- and attitude-based (self)-learning and innovation-processes

Result: comprehensive information-transparency, real-time feedback and successful communication.

 More details to X-igital

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