Cleverly organised

Through self-management, establishing a structure for an overview, organisation and time-saving.

Cleverly organised

Self-management and establishing a structure for overview, organisation and time-saving.

Are you cleverly organised?  Do you have the impression that your performance, your efficiency do not really improve, despite the latest hard- and software?  Do you have piles of unfinished papers on the desk, unclear priorities or a deluge of emails? Do you have so many disruptions, that you can't get on with your work?  Do you have too many marathons of meetings? Are you working on several tasks at the same time, and still don't seem to get any closer to the finishing line?


It is stressful to be stuck in the hamster-wheel, never to finish and at the same time, so frustrating to always try to catch up.  This doesn't exactly trigger enthusiasm, does it?  So, when do you have or take time for the essentials ?!

Contents of  "Cleverly organised"

In this seminar you will learn and experience very concrete, tried and tested procedures. Like, how you can master the situation described above more skillfully, with clearer time-management, improved self-organisation and learning how to handle your tasks more efficiently.   Concrete topics are:

  • the basic principles of efficient work
  • setting goals and priorities
  • practicing good time-management
  • time analysis: tracking down time wasters
  • no more interference, no more postponing
  • efficient communication by e-mail or mobile phone
  • prepare meetings result-oriented
  • optimal desk organization: finding instead of searching


Uwe Pölzl, Innovation, Lösung, Produkt, Entwicklung, Kreativität

Uwe Pölzl, Innovation, Lösung, Produkt, Entwicklung

How "Cleverly organised" will benefit you

Four weeks after the workshop, its results were evaluated by one of the referencing companies:

  • an average time-saving of more than 10%
  • less personal pressure was experienced
  • significantly better performance- and work results
  • the investment of the workshop 'Cleverly organised' pays off,  in no time.

Target-group for "Cleverly organised"

For executives, project managers, salespeople, key-employees and simply anyone,  looking for a tried and tested procedure, that helps them to cope better with their everyday work-routine.

Participants' reviews:


  • The workshop  "cleverly organized  - allowing more time for the essentials",  was a very good, highly professional and practical seminar, on an enormously important topic - which impressed with an extremely entertaining, enjoyable and interactive design, as well as by Dr. Uwe Pölzl himself, - an absolutely convincing speaker-,  who believably refers to his own experience and therefore recommends  concrete solutions." Johannes Koeck, Head of Cine Tirol
  • “A real asset for overcoming daily challenges!” E. Henrich, Geschäftsführung HVW Architekten
  • "Do you know the works of the inner saboteur?  You attend a really good seminar, about management of "TIME", get 1000 tips, but - then fail to implement any of it! It was nothing like that at the seminar 'Cleverly Organised' by Uwe Pelzel!  One notices from the start that Uwe hasn't lost touch with everyday work-life.  From the first minute you will be encouraged to implement the seminar's rich content. In the last chapter "Habits" he Uwe vividly described why the implementation of changing habits is so difficult, and what you can or must do to succeed.  Two days, that really make a difference and change (bad) habits.  That was definitely not my last seminar with Uwe Pölzl – Thank you!" Raimund ELLER, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter im Team Jünger Steuerberater OG
  • It's also great that the given tools can be used for both, work- and personal life.“
    Inge Bihler, PLANSEE Composite Materials GmbH
  • "I can only recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to make progress in life.“
    Rene Priller, CERATIZIT Austria GmbH

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