Individual coaching - winning starts in the mind!

Mental coaching promotes your own development and stimulates self-initiative. Potentials and talents are released. Existing resources are implemented and set goals are achieved from within.

Mental coaching

Winning starts in the mind!


Our attitude determines our behavior!  Even more-so: our mental state decides about success or failure, joy or suffering, often even about health or illness, in professional- as well as personal life.  More and more people don't want to be turned into victims of the circumstances, but rather actively influence their personal life, as well as the quality of their professional work-life,  with mental coaching.  By taking self-responsibility for your lifestyle, you are increasingly ready for personal commitment and for your mental fitness program.

What has long been recognized in sport, is also the basis for top performance in business: mental coaching.  Because: winning starts in the mind!  The quality of your mental attitude is the basis for success, performance, life management and happiness.  With one big advantage: mental qualities can be learned!

Goals and topics of mental coaching

  • Mental coaching promotes your own development and stimulates self-initiative.  Potentials and talents are released.  Existing resources are implemented and set goals are achieved from within.
  • The main focus is on the professional context and the related personal and interpersonal issues:
  • dealing with change-processes and reorientation,
  • increasing the quality of work and life,
  • mastering stress management and stressful situations with confidence.
  • Self-management, time management, work-life balance.
  • Find your vision, mission and your vocation, clarity for goals and direction.
  • Energy motivation for career and life goals.
  • Power and endurance for top-performance/power-phase.
  • Increasing self-confidence and building self-esteem.

The mental-coach

  • Coach stands for  = 1. carriage, 2. teacher, 3. trainer.
  • A coach guides us on the right path (carriage), gives necessary information (teacher) and spurs us on, to do our best (trainer).
  • looks after individuals or teams over a period of time.
  • thoroughly analyses the actual situation with the customer and formulates effective measurable goals, together with the customer.
  • creates individual and solution-oriented coaching concepts and training plans, for the customer.
  • shows and conveys the associated strategies, techniques and exercises; 6 to 12 coaching appointments are useful for this.
  • accompanies progress and controls success.
  • Working together is based on mutual acceptance, appreciation, trust and absolute discretion.
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Methods in mental coaching

A lot becomes possible if we learn to control our thoughts, ideas and inner conversations in such a way, that we boycott ourselves less and instead implement our goals, full of energy and joy. 
The mental state can be influenced effectively with targeted and easily learned techniques.  Thereby, the holistic combination of cognitive, emotional and energetic skills is crucial.

Techniques in mental-coaching

  • for the cognitive - rational area: concentration, focusing, memory, learning- and remembering techniques, time management, planning, and more.
  • for the emotional area: activation of internal resources, wishes and goals, motivational-, creativity-, suggestive-  and association techniques, your inner attitude and more.
  • for the energetic-structural area: activation, stress management, relaxation, balance, equilibrium and more.
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Training - the right coach for you

We have more than 30 years of experience in training and coaching, with a focus on attitude and awareness.  The methods and techniques used, are based on current scientific knowledge about the functioning of the human brain and its consciousness.

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