Capture enthusiasm, and the company's business-climate, observe and optimise the business in real time, making employees-loyalty and employer branding measurable and improving it.


Do you know the relevant key-figures of your balance sheet? Do you also know the at least equally important, relevant and honest key-figures on corporate-climate and employee-satisfaction?


Dissatisfied employees lead to dissatisfied customers and insufficient performance.  With the System Navigator SysNAV you get a mighty tool, through which you can carry out continuous employees-questionnaires, monitor corperate-climate and improve employee-satisfaction.  Employee-satisfaction and the atmosphere among the team, are measured continuously and in real time.  You're aware of 'the pulsation' of your company and of every department, at any given time.

  • You're saving costs, anger and customer complaints, through decreasing employees-turnover.
  • The performance of employees, departments as well as profits increase.
  • Employer branding is optimized.  Because a good company-atmosphere attracts new employees and new customers!


Do you have the courage to look at what is real, in order to be proactive!? you won't only react and have to chase it!?


According to extensive studies, an average of 2 out of 12 employees ...


... are emotionally bound to the company and enthusiastic performers!  Of the other ten, eight are not engaged and two are even actively dis-engaged.  So these two, actively and creatively think about, how they can harm the company and are often the founders and leaders of the 'victim clubs'.  These frightening results have devastating consequences for the company and its employees:

  • Dissatisfied employees are not happy in their job, do not achieve the desired performance, are less creative and call in sick more often.
  • Every employee-fluctuation causes a lot of annoyance and costs a lot of money: searching for employees, new postings for jobs, application processes, familiarisation of a new position, loss of know-how.
  • In most cases, fewer or no new specialists at all apply ... and (too) often the new employee contributes less than his predecessor. Alongside the employees, customers also leave the company or are upset. Because: dissatisfied employees lead to dissatisfied customers.  Tedious complaint discussions are the consequence.
  • Remaining employees are demotivated - the work-atmosphere deteriorates.  Tensions or the risk of further fluctuations, increases.

What if you knew at all times, how your employees assess their work situation and which company and team-climate prevails?


A good company atmosphere and satisfied employees are the capital of every company.  Nevertheless, most executives hardly know the needs and ideas of their employees or completely misjudge them.  With the System-Navigator "SysNAV", you hold a powerful tool that allows you to conduct ongoing employee surveys, to monitor and lastingly increase employee satisfaction.  You can systematically and purposefully improve employee-satisfaction and the work-climate within the company as a whole, as well as in a department. Through specific topics, question- and evaluation options, you can also continuously evaluate individual stress, consequent stress- and health issues, the innovation-climate and other key-factors, and utilize this, as targeted further development.

Real time

The results of the survey are displayed in real time. So you can see "the pulsation of your company" at any time and receive immediate and honest feedback



Detailed evaluations

Employees can be organised and evaluated individually in departments or groups. This gives you detailed insights and immediately recognises any need for action and high-performing teams

Continuous monitoring

Outdated employee surveys are designed for one-time surveys and are useless for today's fast-moving times. SysNAV enables the evaluation of developments - if desired, up to the daily basis

Different types of questions

SysNAV supports a wide range of topics and question types and the appropriate evaluations. Easy to read and evaluate for everyone. The findings and measures are jointly determined and improved in coaching or a workshop

All features at a glance

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The questionnaire is filled out online, via a user-friendly interface. Different question types such as multiple-. choice-, open or matrix questions can be set up.

The questionnaire is presented for the respective participant. Sequence and scaling are also freely selectable, so that a well thought-out survey can be set up easily and effective

Evaluation overview

For each interval of the SysNAV, an overall overview of all groups is created automatically and in real time for every question asked. So the return can be observed at any time. For each department, group or team, the mood on the individual questions is visible.

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Average evaluation

An average curve is created for the standard questions. All groups can be added and compared with each other. The visual representation of the results makes it easier to identify high deviations. Your benefit:

  • Possible problems will be identified early enough and you can act.
  • Good mood is clearly identified and can be expanded and multiplied in bench-marking.

Evaluation of multiple-choice questions

In addition to the standard questions, opinions and mood can also be queried via multiple-choice questions. The evaluation is done using segmented diagrams, which enables the distribution of the ratings to the possible answers, at a glance. This is perfect for short-term additional questions, to get clarity quickly and efficiently, for certain topics

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Auswertung Entwicklung, Veränderung, SysNAV, Xdigital,, Auswertung, Mitarbeiterbefragung, Analyse

Evaluation development

If SysNAV is used over several time intervals, the respective status at the end of the interval can be recorded for each question. Development curves for every question and every group are available. In this way, you can specifically observe and evaluate the changes either at the level for a company or for a department/group level. You can immediately see, whether intervention is required or whether a taken measure has been successful.

The investment for the SysNAV ...

is very low at just € 1 to € 4 per employee/a month. This minimal investment will pay for itself, in a very short time and will be the basis for your desired results and experiences in your organization.

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SysNAV – a (r)evolutionary step towards an exceptionally good corporate-climate, to joy, enthusiasm and performance.

This is how you become a magnet for other motivated high performers.


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