Seminar LeadingX10 - Passion for Selling & Service

Active and authentic sales with the right attitude, and thrilling customers with joyful service.

Seminar LeadingX10 passion for selling and service

Active and authentic sales, with the right attitude and thrilling customers with joyful service

Sales people have to deal with complex customer requirements, tough crowding-out competition, ruinous price war combined with daily turnover and performance requirements. Competition is becoming more intense - the products are more similar and interchangeable. Customers and guests are becoming increasingly demanding,  - orders placed today should be delivered yesterday,- and have various sellers to choose from. Regards from the online trade. Complexity, pressure, conflicts, resistance and stress are constantly increasing. If you come into contact with 'lovely' customers every day, it can drain your motivation and attitude. The energy drops, the motivation crumbles and slowly you slip into doing 'service by the book'. The result is a mess of mediocrity! This is no longer enough for customer-enthusiasm and customer-loyalty. In addition, you drag each other down with justifications and blame, thus wasting time, destroying joy and energy. Welcome to the 'club of victims.'  On the other hand, there are currently more opportunities for sales people and employees in service- and sales-organisations, than ever before. The question is whether we can identify these opportunities with the right attitude ... and realise them with personal innovations. It is not primarily about new sales methods, product presentation, marketing concepts or discounts. It is much more about a new awareness and the right attitude to inspire customers you're in personal contact with,and to sell and build sustainable customer partnerships. Because you can only ignite a light, if you have a spark within yourself. The POD– the point of difference – is the sales-person and the service provided for the customer. Only people with the right attitude can create those "Magic Moments" when dealing with customers. They're the difference, that can't be copied, between you and your competitors and your (maybe only?) chance!


Contents of the Seminar LeadingX10 Passion for Selling and Service

X10 means: recognising market-situations, problems and challenges as opportunities and realising them with supreme ease. For that confident leading and selling is needed. But if you want to sell and manage customers or guests, you first have to be able to manage yourself!

The LeadingX10 Xperience is focused on sales-people and service competences, with emphasis on personality, awareness and attitude. For that, we connect and transform timeless ancient wisdom, with the current findings of neuro- and social-sciences.

You realise concrete findings of sales and leadership with the right attitude. The focus for that is on inspiration, motivation, self-responsibility, mindfulness, energy, conflict-solving and innovative acting and leading.

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Your benefit from X10: Xperience - Xcellence - Xecution

Xperience (experience)

You experience sales-as well as self- and customer-management, on the level of awareness and attitude. We touch on mind, heart and hand and combine learning, experiencing and acting. Thereby you sustainably realise and anchor findings and will be able to make use of them for life. Every day! Professionally and personally.

Xcellence (excellence) the highest quality, to sell and act from your inner core.

Xcellence is active selling and leading with supreme ease and at the same time with inner calm and balance.

Xcellence stands for sales, service and living as engaged and performance-oriented co-entrepreneurs, who contribute substantially to the company's success, through creative and initiative selling and acting.

...and at the same time sustainably  bring in their full potential with supreme ease and inner balance.

Xecution (execution)

Understanding is only secondary! Turnover stems from turning over! Recognition and transformation are initiated and implemented, because: Realisation... and realising is the main-trophy! 


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That's why  LeadingX10 Passion for Selling and Service is innovative and lasting

Most management-seminars aim only to change behaviour. Permanent change in behaviour is only possible if you change the underlying attitudes, because it's those that shape behaviour. Xperience and the unique workings of LeadingX10  make attitudes aware.  We make use of current findings of neuro- and social-sciences and combine them with timeless ancient wisdom and realisations. That makes it possible to train attitude and create a basis for passion for selling and service with Xcellence.



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