Don’t let yourself be wound up!

Don’t let yourself be wound up!


Current findings of neuro-sciences and timeless wisdom, for dealing confidently with challenging people and situations.

“Challenging” colleagues, superiors and customers, chaotic projects, useless rules and broken agreements are common in everyday life, and can sometimes throw any of us off balance.

What are you repeatedly annoyed and upset about or what drives you to red-hot rage?
How much precious time, joie de vivre, enthusiasm for life and life-force is lost through this anger?
The consequences often are anger, conflicts, tensions, stress and pressure, sometimes even illness.

Experiencing content and answers

  • Which situations are causing me trouble and stress?
  • How do we have choices and keep control of ourselves, even in difficult situations?
  • How do you manage to let go of long-practiced “annoyance-trouble-trails” and regain control of your own feelings and reactions?
  • Which thought-patterns and attitudes lead to more serenity, confidence and supreme ease?

Your benefit: from annoyance – towards success

You establish a completely new attitude, about how anger arises and how you can direct annoying, or stressful situations, in a new and productive way.
You will experience how it is possible to remain calm and relaxed, even in hectic, stressful and angry situations, to smile inwardly and avoid conflicts.
You will learn how you can significantly gain more time to live, more life-energy and zest for life.

This is what we do differently

The one day seminar “Don’t let yourself be wound up”, is not bulimic learning! Where you take in a lot, retain little, with no consequences in everyday life.

Change does not arise through the increase of knowledge, tips or techniques, but through a change of attitude.

Thanks to the humorous and practice-oriented LeadingX approach, you become aware of your attitudes and achieve more enjoyable results and experiences with applied creativity – professionally as well as personally.

“Don’t let yourself be wound up” takes one day and will be one of the best investments of your life!
It is easier to learn together … and more sustainable! With every 3 participants, the fourth participant is complementary!

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and benefit from more time to live, zest for life and life-force.

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