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The Xacademy – the art of consciously moving people, shaping change and realising opportunities

  We live in a time of rapid changes, upheaval and uncertainties, with the consequences of totally new challenges and crises, but also profitable opportunities. Previous methods to solve current problems and to realise opportunities aren’t working any longer. People with the right attitude (managers and co-entrepreneurs) are responsible for realising sustainable goals. Because attitude […]

Your opportunity as a coach, trainer, seminar-leader, entrepreneur

  Do you want to develop further? Are you thinking of a professional alternative? Do you want to do something meaningful? Do you have the talent for, and feel the vocation to accompany, train, inspire and encourage people? Do you want to affect and move yourself and other people, shape change and realise opportunities, thus […]

Don’t let yourself be wound up!

  Current findings of neuro-sciences and timeless wisdom, for dealing confidently with challenging people and situations. “Challenging” colleagues, superiors and customers, chaotic projects, useless rules and broken agreements are common in everyday life, and can sometimes throw any of us off balance. What are you repeatedly annoyed and upset about or what drives you to […]

CoSpirit – effectively cooperating, in a networked and complex world

  The more complex and faster the world becomes, the more important cooperation, the team spirit is! No more single minded thinking, departmental selfishness, internal competitive thinking and authoritarian management-styles prove to be counterproductive in a highly networked, rapidly changing world. Especially when the pressure increases, constant changes are pending, and it becomes increasingly important […]

Thrilling new and existing customers & increasing profits

The trade fair business is also shaped by dynamic changes, digitalisation and global competition. It’s an increasing challenge to get customers to visit trade fairs, to offer a real USP, to offer differentiation and useful experience for the customer, while achieving the goals of the trade fair. Now: all information is available online at any […]

Acting agile, instead of ineffective and unsuccessful project-management

Acting agile, instead of ineffective and unsuccessful project-management Initial situation Analyses of success rates of project-management show a clear picture: two thirds of all projects fail completely, or only partially reach the desired goal.  Classic project-management with a specification book, stage-gate-process and project-structure-plan fails miserably in a complex and fast-moving environment. It gets increasingly difficult for yourself and […]

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