Acting agile, instead of ineffective and unsuccessful project-management

Acting agile, instead of ineffective and unsuccessful project-management

Acting agile, instead of ineffective and unsuccessful project-management

Initial situation

Analyses of success rates of project-management show a clear picture: two thirds of all projects fail completely, or only partially reach the desired goal.  Classic project-management with a specification book, stage-gate-process and project-structure-plan fails miserably in a complex and fast-moving environment. It gets increasingly difficult for yourself and your employees, to stay highly motivated, to lead target-oriented and create a positive team-spirit.

 Goals of the seminar acting agile

New surroundings require also new competences from project-managers and project-employees, Its important for participants to get ready for ‘agility’ of projects. The topics are:

  • What basic mindsets or attitudes does ‘agile-action’ require?

  • What agile methods and thought-patternsare available for working on projects, and how can you integrate these into an existing environment?

  • Which new roles and responsibilities are needed in agile projects, and which human factors have enormous influence on the success of the project?


  • Working in the world of VUCA: why it can’t be done without ‘acting agile’

  • What basic-attitudes are required, to work with ‘acting agile’?

  •  X-navigation as a thought-model for self-guided and successful acting

  • Current methods: scrum, design thinking, kanban, speed-dating, planning poker, slice & dice….how to use and how they work.

 Your benefit

  • You’re able to practically and successfully use agile mindsets and methods.

  • You can target-oriented combine classic project-management with agile methods

    You can develop and lead, agile, self-organising teams.

  • You understand the human side of resistance and are clearly able to handle it much better.

That’s what we do different

 You experience the attitude-oriented methods in your personal projects and take on challenges. You anchor the realisations and secure the transfer into practice. The follow on telephone-coaching guaranties lasting effective competence-expansion.

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