concrete • individual • on site, at the customer • with measurable success


concrete • individual • on site, at the customer • with measurable success


Sales-Coaching is the concrete and individual support of a single sales-person or a sales-team, at the customer's site and in coaching.

This helps to

  • realise and expand  strengths

  • recognise and reduce deficits

  •  improve practice-oriented sales- attitude and skills

 the result: more joy in selling and sustainable turnover- and profit-growth.

A tried-and tested procedure for sales-coaching

Phase 1: briefing and policy-talk

  • What is the basic sales-strategy?
  • Selection of participants. arrangements about information and wanted goals. Contents and basis of information for management or Board of Directors.
  • What is the individual starting position?
  • What concretely should be achieved? Working out key-figures for goals to be achieved.
  • Which steps of development and concrete measures are effective?
  • On the basis of selected customers, necessary customer-activities as well as steps for the expansion of customer-structure, are established.

Phase 2: Preliminary talks with participants of sales-coaching

  • Getting to know one-another, establishing trust for cooperation, 'force-field-analysis' of the relevant environment
  • Working out and visualising a profile of strength and weakness
  • Comparison  between self-image / external-image
  • Deciding on an individual approach, especially the accompanying field support
  • Working out a transfer plan: goals, steps of development and methodology: e.g. travel-planing, customer- and conversation-planing, sales-techniques, mind-techniques - and so on...

Phase 3: implementation of the accompanying field support

  • accompaniment to customer-visits, with each participant for a minimum of 1 day
  • direct feedback after each visit. Self-analysis and feedback from the coach.

Phase 4: Detailed coaching

  • Support of change-processes
  • Stabilisation of 'new' behavioural-patterns and attitudes
  • Concrete strategy- and action-planing (personally , professionally) for further implementation during the process

Phase 5: Conclusion

  • Final-talk with the participants
  • Working out an actualised plan of action
  • General


This coaching is based on proven and often repeated measures. An individual adjustment to company-specific needs takes place at every new measure. Especially the integration of managers is individually adjusted.

Consequently we offer a special training for managers. Through 'Sales-coaching' managers train sales-people, practice-oriented 'on the job,' for lasting progression and to generate additional orders. (train the trainer)


Verhandlung, verhandeln, Motiavtion, Verkauf, verkaufen, verhandeln, vereinbaren, Vereinbarung, IAK, Navi

This is what we do differently

Markus Gruber, who leads the innovative 'Sales-coaching', has so far successfully implemented more than 2000 days of 'Sales-coaching' with sales-people at site of the customer. We're not talking about theory, but we practically live by it . It is not just about behaviour, but also primarily about the topics, attitude and awareness. Because: knowledge is like being sleep - manifesting is like living power

As a basis for 'Sales-coaching' we recommend the seminar and SellingXperience X10 Passion for Selling & Service and the  Developmentsystem Sales-Navigation.


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