Thrilling new and existing customers & increasing profits

Thrilling new and existing customers & increasing profits

The trade fair business

is also shaped by dynamic changes, digitalisation and global competition. It’s an increasing challenge to get customers to visit trade fairs, to offer a real USP, to offer differentiation and useful experience for the customer, while achieving the goals of the trade fair. Now: all information is available online at any time, videos, pictures, evaluations and references facilitate easier purchasing and often make visiting a trade fair unnecessary.

Because of that, sales people at trade fairs are faced with new situations: customers are well informed, can easily compare suppliers, and have higher expectation of customer service.

Many suppliers react to that with a ‘bigger, technically advanced, more expensive’ exhibition stand. Those trade fair  ‘cathedrals’ grow to the sky or use an enormous chunk of trade fair area. The cost/effect ratio is questionable and rarely achieves the desired goals. In order to cut costs, many trade fairs are happening less frequently.

Every trade-fair customer knows of some overwhelmed, halfheartedly acting, badly motivated, stressed trade fair advisor and of their ‘scaring-customers-away-program’.The opportunity, of a personal meeting and the emotional experience with a well motivated and competent trade fair team, is totally missed. Only there, it would be possible to work out an crucial advantage, real differentiation and lasting distinction to the competition.  

Experience with the LeadingX-approach, what „state of the art“ at a trade fair is, how it can strengthen your brand and increase customer-loyalty as well as turnover and profits.

“One video speaks louder than 1000 words!” Have a look to see what’s possible with a great trade fair team. 

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