The Xacademy – the art of consciously moving people, shaping change and realising opportunities

The Xacademy – the art of consciously moving people, shaping change and realising opportunities


We live in a time of rapid changes, upheaval and uncertainties, with the consequences of totally new challenges and crises, but also profitable opportunities. Previous methods to solve current problems and to realise opportunities aren’t working any longer. People with the right attitude (managers and co-entrepreneurs) are responsible for realising sustainable goals. Because attitude is crucial for a healthy, happy and successful living and working. Through LeadingX, the attitude is made aware and thus becomes trainable.

Attitude-oriented, flexible and effective development programs for your success

… we combine findings from the current neurobiological social-sciences research, with timeless wisdom

The attitude and experience-oriented intervention-design, based on the 4 areas of leadership, cooperation, individual innovation and cooperative innovation ensures that you

  • internalise your topics,
  • anchor new insights and
  • initiate and implement your process of transformation.

The result

Entrepreneurs, managers, teams and co-entrepreneurs, who realise quantitative and qualitative development and added value.
You are greatly successful! You realise your desired results AND experiences. Details about the Xacademy

The effective programs of the Xacademy


Leadership Xacademy
Management ist craft. Leadership is attitude!


Counscious Leadership Xacademy
Practical leadership and new ways of working in digital times.

Sales Master Xacademy
authentically inspiring people • overcoming resistance • realising goals • building customer-partnerships


Vitality Xacademy
mental attitudes and wholesome health for inner strength, resilience and and energy

… more programs of Xacademy

LeadingX > Xperience creates Xcellence (experience creates excellence)


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