Leadership X-academy

Management is craft, leadership is attitude!

Leadership X-academy

The abilities of your employees, are your assets.

Leadership is THE competitive advantage. (Too) many people are over-managed but not guided enough! Managing doesn't work like a cigarette dispenser; you throw in money on top, press a certain button and the desired packet gets dispensed below.

Leadership Xacademy: the Xcellente development-program, how you...


  • with the right attitude inspire, lead, coach and develop people into co-entrepreneurs
  • reflect upon and develop as a manager
  • build an appreciative feedback- and communication-culture
  • effectively cooperate and create high-performing-teams
  • realise goals and gain more time for what is essential
  • act with agility and manage confidently in dynamic times

The modules of the Xacademy Leadership

seminar-x10, Xperience, Xcellence, Change, Veränderung, Einstellung, Bewusstsein, Team, X, Trainer, Energie, Leadership, LeadingX.com LeadingX, Kooperation


Xperience (experience) of high-performance leadership

During the seminar X10, you integrate your understanding of lasting leadership on the level of attitudes and awareness, contributing to your professional and personal success.  With these 10 realisations for relaxed yet agile actions, you'll experience approaches to more self-motivation, clarity, serenity and courage.  The interests of the company are realigned with personal needs and values.

LeadNAV 360° and Coaching

Leadership style analysis, individual development, solution and realisation of goals

Leading/Navigation is a powerful yet simple tool to measure and develop leadership and communications.  Contents: Self-image, external image, Clarity about expectations, strengths and weaknesses, communication development, feedback-culture, analysis and development of leadership-patterns, bottlenecks and potentials, recognising and utilising them, making the atmosphere at the work place visible and resolve conflicts constructively.

Lead & Coach

Inspire, manage and coach people and develop them into Co-entrepreneurs.

With an incompetent manager, good employees leave! ... or don't turn up in the first place!  With Lead&Coach good employees arrive and stay, and subsequently evolve into energetic co-entrepreneurs!  Leadership is THE competitive advantage!


Effectively cooperating and developing high performing teams

You experience how can, through active conscious cooperation- and relation-management, encourage the performance- and learning-ability of your team or organisation. The results: cooperation instead of single-minded-thinking, energetic action instead of conflicts, seam-interfaces instead of cut-interfaces, trust and efficiency instead of time and energy wasting, motivation and high performance teams instead of duty by the book.


Create a balance in all areas of your life, manifest many of your goals, and gain more time for the essentials.

With the help of the X-navigation, you will become aware of your personal patterns and therefore integrate solution-strategies.  You experience how you can manage yourself more efficiently, manage and coach yourself, that in balance and retrospect you'll gain-time. Thus you can also lead others more effectively.  You navigate confidently and with supreme ease towards your professional and personal goals

Acting Agile

Project-management for dynamic times

Classic project-management fails miserably in a complex, fast-moving world.  Two thirds of all projects fail!  A new environment also requires new and agile skills.  Being agile isn't a new method but is about a trusting, cooperative attitude and effective methods in project-management.  This is the only way to master changes and challenges

Organisational details

Your development-program of the Xacademy is flexibly implemented, through company-intern events or open seminars and coaching.
This offers the possibility to create effective and unique development-processes for large and small teams.
Through the open seminar-dates, personal development-programs can be flexibly created, even for individuals, small teams or new employees.The development-program can additionally be combined, in between modules, with concrete projects, practice-programs and coaching.
Xacademy can be measured and evaluated through the optimal accompaniment of Transformation-Culture Xdigital



For participation in open seminar-dates, you get per seminar-module, one coaching (value € 250) for free.
With 6 modules you save € 1500,-
We coordinate the investment for in-house-programs, in a personal conversation with you.



As the first Xacademy seminer-module, we recommend Seminar X10 Leadership Xperience.
Choose a suitable date for the seminar to secure your place.
Further details about Xacademy we can also discuss directly during the seminar X10.



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